The principals of Wake Capital have a long and successful track record as specialists focusing on the stable value market. Our experience is utilized by our clients for:
  • Product development
  • Underwriting
  • Marketing
  • Administration
By partnering with Wake Capital, a financial institution will build a business line which accomplishes the following:
  • Rapid scale/volume - to create a book of business which would be on par with first tier players, and capture between 10% to 15% market share within 24-36 months
  • Low risk, fee business
  • Minimal capital investment and reduced overhead expenses
  • Enhanced brand awareness in stable value market
Success is heavily dependent on relationships and previous market experience. Name recognition and/or affiliation with known industry experts like the principals at Wake Capital is critical.
  • New issuers must be willing to demonstrate a commitment to the market
  • Name recognition is not just of the financial institution, but of the individual resources and their experience in this market
  • A partnership with Wake Capital provides instant credibility with institutional money managers and stable value plan sponsors